More Than Fifty Shades of Gray

More Than Fifty Shades of Gray


There are more than fifty shades of gray when it comes to money, because each person’s financial situation is unique and complex.

Earlier this month I sent out a daily series of emails, entitled “The Top 10 Money Mistakes You Might Be Making,” which I’ve compiled HERE. I received several interesting responses directly from you, my dear readers.

A bookkeeper applauded the email warning against the consequences of only making minimum payments on credit card debt. Another reader cheered my suggestion to set up automatic transfers savings rather than overpaying your income taxes.

But not all the responses were positive. And that’s okay!

More Than Fifty Shades of Gray

Personal finance is not black and white and I would be suspicious of any money guru who tells you that it is. There are more than fifth shades of gray when it comes to your money.

Sure, there are overarching financial principles we can all agree on: spend less than you earn, maximize your savings, and minimize your debt. However, the details of what this looks like for each person or family is very different.

Which brings me to the responses I received from some of my readers who didn’t agree with one of my “money mistakes.” They told about their unique circumstances and how that “mistake” was actually a blessing for their situation. I wholeheartedly welcome the diverse opinions of my fans and followers!

I want to know what you’re thinking, especially when you don’t agree with me. Yes, there may be times when, because of your particular life circumstances, it may be wise to only pay the minimum on your Visa card or co-sign a car loan for your daughter.

There are more than fifty shades of gray when it comes to money, because personal finance does not happen in a vacuum. Each person’s situation is affected by dozens of life circumstances that could change the answer to the question of, “Is this a wise money move?”

This is why I LOVE working with my coaching clients one-on-one. I enjoy looking at all of the moving pieces of their lives and finances and collaborating with them on a personalized Prosperity Plan. It’s like a game of “Financial Tetris” for me to figure out how all of the parts fit together for that client.

If you read one of those Top 10 Money Mistakes and you felt ashamed or anxious because you made one, please know that is never my intention! I understand how terrible it feels to be in a financial mess. Why? Because I’ve made more than half of the ones on the list myself at one time or another.

And occasionally I still screw up, but that’s just part of being human. My goal is to empower you to rescue your financial dignity. If I didn’t point out potential sharks in the water, I wouldn’t be a good Financial Lifeguard!

Yes, there are more than fifty shades of gray when it comes to money. The right money move for you might not be right for me. My hope is that you’ll absorb the financial insights I offer, then make a decision based on your particular situation, one that will move you in the direction of increasing your financial health and dignity.

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