the problem with budgets

The Problem with Budgets

“Who’s excited to do a budget?” (hearing the sound of crickets…) That’s exactly the problem with budgets! Maybe two people out of a hundred are actually excited about budgeting and what it helps you accomplish. In this episode of the Money is Emotional podcast, I explore why most of us don’t like traditional budgets, how to shift our mindset around …

Mint Budget App is Going Away

Did you hear that the Mint Budget App is going away? I tested a bunch of personal finance app alternatives, and here’s the winner I picked!

Are You Being Cheap With Yourself?

Much of Dave Ramsey’s advice is solid, but particular pieces of Dave’s advice can be damaging to your long-term financial well-being and enjoyment of life.

I am banning the budget in favor of a prosperity plan

I’m Banning the Budget

I’m banning the budget! Yes, you heard me right, I am banning the B-word from my vocabulary. Words are powerful. Words are loaded with meaning. And the word “budget” is loaded with negative connotations. When I ask my clients what comes to mind when I say “budget,” here’s what they say: “Discipline.” “Restriction.” “Deprivation.” “No fun.” It’s a wonder that …

are you high income but a hot mess with your money

Are You High Income, Hot Mess?

“If I made more income, I wouldn’t have all these money problems.” Maybe you’ve said or thought this at some point in your life. Maybe you’re saying it right now! 23 years ago, when I was living on the edge of broke, I said it all the time. Unfortunately, I proved myself wrong every time I received a raise. Having …

I disagree with Dave Ramsey

I Disagree with Dave Ramsey

I disagree with Dave Ramsey! There are particular pieces of Dave’s advice that can be damaging to your long-term financial well-being and enjoyment of life.

2023 Word of the Year: Shine

Will you be choosing a “Word of the Year” for 2023? In 2022, my word was CURATE. Why? Like a museum curator, I want to be intentional and careful with what and who I allow into my life. For many of us, life has become crowded and over busy, and that’s the opposite of what I want. Museums have space …

Your Credit Score is Not Important (And It Also Is)

Your credit score is not important, and it also is. Let me explain. There are two camps in the personal finance arena that shout the loudest. In the one camp, we have the “Debt is dumb” folks led by Dave Ramsey. In the other camp, we have those obsessed with amping their credit score to the sky with scientific precision. …

4 Fun Ways to Be Generous

On Sunday, my Dad and I chatted about fun ways to be generous over a delicious lunch of chicken taco salads and enchiladas. Our pastor just preached a very refreshing message on generosity. (Zero guilt or pressure to donate, imagine that!)  The average American donates between 3% to 5% of their gross income to charitable and religious organizations. We wondered …