Christine Luken

Interview Christine Luken, The Financial Dignity® Coach, the unconventional, experienced, and enchanting money expert for your podcast, article, TV, or radio show.


Finding Financial Dignity® After Divorce

Why Money is the Third Person in Your Romantic Relationship

Why Money is SO Emotional & What to Do About it

Provider Money/ Pleasure Money: The Yin & Yang of Personal Finance

Managing Money Like a BOSS in your Business

Finding Treasures Beyond Your Emotional Money Triggers

Balancing Your "Wheel of Money"

Developing a Magnetic Money Mindset™

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Why you need to Interview Christine

  • Money topics tailored to your audience, delivered with warmth, humor, & actionable takeaways
  • Christine's inspiring story of financial tragedy to triumph
  • Trusted source of financial management advice with an in-depth understanding of the emotional and relational sides of money
  • Author of three books: Money is Emotional, Financial Dignity® After Divorce, and Manage Money Like a BOSS
  • Hundreds of hours of interview experience with professional sound equipment
  • Host of the Money is Emotional Podcast
  • Corporate Money Wellness webinars also available

"Money coach Christine Luken, encourages her clients to do what she calls emotionally charged saving. The idea is to imagine in the greatest - most emotional - detail possible what you're saving for and how it will feel when you get it..."

~ Quote in Jean Chatzky's New York Times Bestselling book, Women with Money (p. 54)


What financial pros need to know about the emotional side of money