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Financial Dignity® After Divorce
    Financial Dignity After Divorce
    A Woman's Guide to Healing Her Relationship with Money

    You might be feeling alone, overwhelmed, and confused about handling money (and life) on your own after divorce. You might even feel like a failure at having to start over. I know, because I’ve been there, too!

    If you’re experiencing money shame or anxiety due to the breakup of your marriage or long-term relationship, Financial Dignity® After Divorce will empower you to recover a positive and peaceful relationship with your money.

    This book is designed to help separated & divorced women like you to:
    • Increase your financial security
    • Identify & defuse your emotional money hot buttons 
    • Manage your personal finances with ease and certainty
    • Release the money baggage from your previous relationship
    • Develop healthy money behaviors to carry you confidently into the future

    Money is like the third person in your marriage. But unlike your ex, you and money will be together forever! Money wants to support your happiness, not stress you out. In this book, you’ll discover the step-by-step process to effectively manage both your emotions and your money, so you can walk confidently into your bright future.


    Download the first three chapters for free

    Money is Emotional

      • Success with money isn't just knowing what to do; it's understanding what holds us back from doing what we know. In "Money is Emotional," Christine Luken offers practical strategies that can help you achieve and maintain financial success.

        - Noah St. John, Founder of and author of "The Book of Afformations"

      • As an expert on the topic, I know the impact money has on personal stress. Learning to THRIVE with stress and money is influenced by paying attention, being mindful. Christine Luken's book brings the emotional side of money to life. Through the case studies and the practical action items, readers of "Money is Emotional" will thrive as they apply the lessons to their relationship with money!

        - Dr. Frank Wood, PhD, Teacher, Speaker, Author and Founder of Thriving with Stress

      • Whether your emotions toward your finances are positive, negative or indifferent, "Money is Emotional" will breath new life into your relationship with money and leave you feeling strangely excited to create a budget!

        - Heather Rae Hutzel, speaker and Amazon Bestselling author of "The Book of Life: The Greatest Story Ever Told."

      • Investing, tax, and other personal finance topics can be complicated and hard to grasp. Christine does a wonderful job taking complex financial topics and making them relatable and easy to understand. Reading "Money is Emotional" is like having a conversation with a knowledgable friend.

        -Robert Pagliarini, CFP, EA, Author of "The Sudden Wealth Solution"

      • Too often we look at money as a debit and credit issue. We think that if we manage the digits, then stress will be alleviated. Maybe..The other aspect is the emotional tie of money. "Money is Emotional" will get you well on the way to understanding the power of finances in every aspect of your humanity.

        -Brian Tome, Senior Pastor of Crossroads Church

      • Feeling fear, stress or anxiety around your finances? Christine Luken is here to help you clarify the boundary lines between your money and your emotions so you can make smarter financial decisions. With warmth, empathy and grace, Christine will serve as your financial lifeguard to keep you from quite literally drowning in your finances. Far too many folks are afraid to wave

      money is emotional book

      Money is Emotional

      Prevent Your Heart From Hijacking Your Wallet

      If money is emotional, then why do we persist in trying to manage our personal finances logically? We already know what it takes to become financially healthy: spend less than we make, pay down our debt, and save more money. Money management books, tools, and techniques abound, yet most of us don’t utilize them. Maybe you’ve adopted the practice of ignoring money problems until they are barreling down on you like a tidal wave, as I once did.

      I know what it feels like to be drowning financially.

      I’d like to propose a better alternative, one that doesn’t require you to eat beans and rice or to spend hours updating budget spreadsheets.  My approach to personal finance is called “Mindful Money Management”.  It is unique in that it harnesses the power of your emotions, so they can propel you forward like a rocket booster towards your Preferred Financial Destination.  Yes, money is emotional, but you can prevent your heart from hijacking your wallet.  This book will show you how.

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      Manage Money Like a Boss book

      Manage Money Like a Boss

      A Financial Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs

      You’re doing what you love for a living, making a business out of your creativity, whether it’s photography, fashion, music, marketing, writing, or crafting the perfect microbrew.

      The only problem? Managing your business finances is a serious drag, isn’t it? Accounting is confusing. Taxes are scary. And most financial experts you know are intimidating. (Are they speaking another language?)

      You deserve financial guidance that’s simple to understand and implement, from someone who honors and appreciates your creativity.

      As both a writer and an accountant, I have a way with both words and numbers. I’m going to demystify money for you so it can become your best employee, rather than your worst nightmare.

      This isn’t just a book about business finance. We dive deep into some surprising things that impact your bottom line, like mindset, sales, and professionalism. 

      My goal is to give you both the confidence and competence to manage your money and your business like a BOSS.

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