4 Money Books to Read This Summer

4 Money Books to Read This Summer, Christine Luken, Financial Lifeguard

Is there anything better than reading a great book poolside, with a fruity drink in hand?  I think not!  When most of us think “summer reading,” it’s usually light, fun, or romantic stories. But here are four money books to read that will majorly boost your financial IQ while soaking in the sun.   I promise you, these reads are anything but a snooze fest!

Summer Money Book to Read #1:

You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

I cannot adequately express how utterly badass this book is!  I’m listening to it for the third time now on Audible and I also have it in hardback so I can go through all the exercises.  As a money expert, it’s sometimes hard for me to admit that I don’t have my crap together 100%.  I’m really good at managing our household money once it comes in, but I struggle in the area of making the income I know that I’m capable of as a business owner.  In You are a Badass at Making Money, Jen Sincero is helping me identify what is holding me back and showing me how to kick down the doors to my income goals.  She shares her own past struggles with income (she used to live in a converted garage) which makes the book very relatable.

Summer Money Book to Read#2:

Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook by Tony Robbins

I’ve got to admit that most investment books will put hardcore insomniacs to sleep in less than a minute.  That’s why Tony Robbins’ new book Unshakeable is so revolutionary.  He explains the investment industry, products, and plans in a way that anyone can understand.  The simple advice in this book can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees in your retirement account.  What you don’t know about investing can and will hurt you!  If you’d like to add three to five years’ worth of income to your 401(k) or IRA, put Tony’s book at the top of your To Read List this summer.

Summer Money Book to Read #3:

Thank & Grow Rich by Pam Grout

This gem of a book about the power of gratitude is another one I’ve read multiple times.  The book isn’t just about money, it’s about life.  Pam Grout shows how radical gratitude opens the door to receiving more love, friendship, kindness, and, yes, even more money.  Instead of action items or exercises, Thank & Grow Rich contains “party games” that help you expand your awareness of the blessings you already possess.  If you tend to focus on the negative and what you’re lacking in your life and finances, this is the book for you.

Summer Money Book to Read #4:

Money is Emotional: Prevent Your Heart from Hijacking Your Wallet by Christine Luken

Yes, it’s time for a little shameless self-promotion.  If you are feeling anxious, embarrassed, or worried about your current financial situation, you’re not alone.  I wrote this book for you!  Money distress affects people no matter their income level, age, skin color, or sexual orientation.  If you’d like to gain a sense of relief, hope, and clarity around your personal finances, grab a copy of Money is Emotional and download the free workbook on my website.  I explain how to regain and maintain your financial health in a simple, non-judgmental way, with plenty of juicy true tales thrown in.

Which of the four money books do you want to take with you to read or listen to at the beach or pool this summer?