The Easiest Way to Fix Your Finances, tools on a bench

The Easiest Way to Fix Your Finances

the easiest way to fix your finances, tools on a wooden bench

The easiest way to fix your finances is also the most successful in the long-term!

But have you noticed that we tend to complicate things and make them harder than they need to be?

Many people tend think that fixing their money problems is going to be difficult and overwhelming. And it’s no wonder! Money gurus tell us lies like, “You have to eat beans and rice!” and “Drive a 10-year old car until your debt is paid in full!”

But fixing your finances doesn’t have to be a drag! In fact, the vast majority of my clients still drink Starbucks, get massages, and go on vacation while we’re working together on fixing their personal finances.

Here’s the Easiest Way to Fix Your Finances

It’s surprisingly simple: make one, small positive change at a time. Yes, that’s it!

When I’m working with my one-on-one coaching clients, they expect me to give them a ton of homework. Most are surprised when they only have 3 or 4 To-Do Items on their list for the month.

Here’s what I’ve found: when people have just one or two financial To-Do’s each week, they actually get them done!

And when you do this in an environment that’s encouraging, inclusive, and FUN, your rate of success skyrockets! 

Why? Because going on any self-improvement journey is better when you have company. In a one-on-one coaching or group setting, you have two important things: encouragement and accountability.

We all need positive voices of encouragement when we’re in the process of transformation. The journey to financial wellness is NOT a straight line. There will be times when we stall or have setbacks. The encouragement of others helps us get through those rough patches.

Some people make up their mind to accomplish a goal and nothing gets in their way of achieving it. But the rest of us need an occasional loving kick-in-the-pants, otherwise known as “accountability.” Having at least one person who’s checking in on your progress and calling you out on your B.S. excuses is a beautiful thing!

I realized that in order to offer my fans and followers the easiest way to fix their finances, I had to create something new that included bite-sized, easy-to-digest personal finance lessons + encouragement + accountability!

This is why I’m super excited to announce that enrollment in the Financial Dignity on Demand membership group is now open!

This fun and affordable membership group gives you one simple lesson each week to improve your money situation so you can achieve lasting financial dignity.

Plus, you’ll have accountability buddies supporting you and cheering you onto success; not to mention, access to me as your money coach in the group!

The best part is that the Financial Dignity on Demand membership is less than a $1/ day, so joining will be a no-brainer YES for you!

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