Respect Your Money (Video)

If you want to have MORE money, you need to respect the money you already have!  Are you respecting your money?

Here are some signs that you’re disrespecting your money:

  • Your cash is wadded up and disorganized.

  • You have loose change accumulating in your car and in various places around your house.  You rarely, if ever, cash it in.

  • You have torn and crumpled receipts in your purse or wallet.

  • You’ve recently lost or misplaced a credit card statement or other bill.

  • Your wallet is threadbare and falling apart.

It’s strange to think that your money wants to be respected, but it does!  And it will respond positively when you take good care of the money you already have.  If you don’t respect money, it will always flee from you!

Are you respecting your money?  If not, what needs to change?