The Day You Decide, Christine Luken, Financial Lifeguard

You’ll Remember the Day You Decide

The Day You Decide, Christine Luken, Financial Lifeguard

Will today be the day you decide?

I encourage my clients and students to celebrate their “Financial Independence Day.” This is usually triggered by a certain money milestone like paying off their debt or reaching $1 million in retirement assets. And we should definitely be celebrating those financial accomplishments, both large and small!

But you know what we should really celebrate? The day you decide.

The day you decide to wholeheartedly pursue financial independence.

The day you decide that enough is enough.

The day you decide to stop running from your money messes and finally do something about it.

The day you decide it’s high time you started managing your business finances like a boss.

The day you decide to rescue your financial dignity after your divorce.

The day you decide to be brave enough to ask for help.

That’s the day everything starts to change. That’s the day we should celebrate.

I remember the day I decided. How could I forget?

It was a beautiful spring day in April 2000. My Dad and I were sitting in his car in the parking lot of Oriental Wok after a delicious lunch together. He said to me, “Christine, you just don’t seem like you’re happy.” I sighed and finally admitted, “I’m not.”

I had reached the end of my rope. My money situation was a disaster and although I wanted to break up with my finance, Jeff, I had zero money to move out. My Dad offered to let me live with him rent free for three months while I got my life and finances back on track. It was a humbling experience, yet I felt hope for the first time in a good long while.

My circumstances didn’t change on the outside that day. It would still be several weeks until I moved out of the apartment I shared with Jeff.

But something shifted on the inside the day I decided. I dropped my excuses and self-pity. I stopped hiding from the problem and stepped into my power. I began to reclaim my financial dignity.

And I didn’t do it alone.

You’ll remember the day YOU decide. It’s the day when everything changes.

When you’re ready, I’m here to help.