Is Your Budget Keeping You Broke?

The other day, I spotted this headline, “Is Your Diet Keeping You Fat?” Well, if it’s a healthy diet, the answer should be “no.” The article went on to explain when people yo-yo diet, it damages their metabolism and sets them up for failure.

You might be able to stick to a stringent diet for a short period of time, but it’s not sustainable. You fall off of the wagon because you’re starving and cranky. Then you inhale every French fry and donut within a 5-mile radius! (Or is that just me?)

That sets up the vicious cycle of restriction, then wild abandon, back to restriction… Well, you get the picture!

The same thing is true for managing your spending via a restrictive budget.

Just like the word “diet,” “budget” conjures up images of discipline and deprivation. Who gets excited about that? (Maybe a few weirdos.)

Strict budgets that don’t allow room for fun, set you up for failure. Plus, they make you dread money management. Have you tried to budget, become frustrated and quit, only to find yourself in the financial hole even worse a few months later? (I know I have!)

For many years, I partook in the national pastime of January crash diets. “Behaving” myself for a month or two to lose the 10-15 pounds I had gained over the previous year. Until I found a solution that made diets obsolete for me: a healthy eating program I could live with for the long-term.

I learned how to eat in such a way where I achieved my health goals without feeling deprived. This healthy eating program taught me how to manage emotional eating, the basics of nutrition, and the science of physical fitness. I also discovered how to customize the food and the exercise to my preferences. (In case you’re wondering, it’s called Diet Free Life by Robert Ferguson, and you should totally check it out.)

Is Your Budget Keeping You Broke?

I realized some time ago that the financial world needed the dollars-and-sense equivalent of a healthy eating program. A money methodology that made reaching one’s financial goals simple, fun, and flexible. This is baked into everything I do: my coaching, speaking, books, and online courses – especially my most recent creation: Financial Dignity on Demand.

This 7-week money wellness program is NOT about adhering to strict budgets. You won’t have to drive a beat-up car, deny yourself Starbucks lattes, or live on beans and rice. The Financial Dignity on Demand program shows you a balanced approach for managing your money. Yes, you can still enjoy life while achieving your long-term financial goals!

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