I Care About Your Financial Dignity {But Not More Than You Do}

i care about your financial dignity

I care about your financial dignity. A lot.

I know my purpose is to shine my light into the financial darkness of others. I want to empower as many people as possible to rescue their financial dignity. I know what it feels like to be drowning in money stress and shame. And I don’t want you or anyone else to be in that place for one more minute.

I care about your financial dignity, but not more than you do. You have to want it for yourself more than I want it for you. I’ve learned this the hard way.

Because I care so much, I’ve allowed myself to get into imbalanced relationships in the past, even with coaching clients. I saw the potential in them and I knew I could help them with their emotional money messes, both in their businesses and personal lives.

These clients were super nice people, but they either weren’t ready or weren’t convinced that the process would work for them. I would cajole, encourage, and convince them into having their first coaching session with me. I would overcome objections about price and allow them to buy a single session at a time, rather than insisting the person commit to the usual 6-month coaching experience.

Invariably, these wishy-washy clients would cancel appointments or reschedule at the last minute. They would show up late for appointments, not having done any of their homework I assigned them. They would quit after one or two sessions. Why? Because I cared more about rescuing their financial dignity than they did! I wanted it so badly for them and I KNEW my methods would work!

BUT, if my clients aren’t ready to engage in the process, to face their money messes, and make the necessary changes, it’s not going to work no matter how much I care.

My clients who really knock it out of the park? They’re ready to tackle the challenge, do the work, and make the necessary changes. They’re sick and tired of the status quo and they care deeply about rescuing their own financial dignity once and for all.

These customers show up early, do their homework, and take the process seriously. They know the value I bring to the table and they appreciate it. These clients often decide on the spot during our coffee chat (or at least within 24 hours) that an investment in financial coaching is the way to go.

So, I’m done chasing you. I’m finished with trying to talk you into coaching. I do care about your financial dignity, but I refuse to care about it more than you do.

When you’re ready – REALLY ready – to master your personal or business finances, let’s chat and see if I’m the right coach for you.