3 Big Benefits of Creating a Vision Board

I’m such a believer in the benefits of creating a vision board, that I have two, not just one! A vision board is simply a collection of images that represent your ideal financial future. It’s a fun, but mandatory, homework assignment I give all of my coaching clients. Why? Although there are numerous benefits, here are my top three.

3 Big Benefits of a Vision Board

You Get Excited About the Future

When you’re in the thick of a financial mess, sometimes it’s hard to see past the edge. There’s an ancient proverb that states: “Where there is no vision, people perish.” It’s easy to succumb to a spiral of hopelessness regarding your money situation if you have no vision of a brighter tomorrow.

Creating a vision board of your preferred financial future clarifies what you really want out of life. I always tell people it’s not the money itself they want. It’s the freedom and options the money provides! I also love the way this exercise brings couples together. Sometimes they learn new things about each other. Her: “I didn’t know you wanted to go and see the Tour de France!” Him: “I know. I never said anything about it because with our current finances it seemed impossible.”

It Keeps You Motivated When the Going Gets Tough

On the path to Financial Dignity® there will be detours, setbacks, and bumps in the road. When you’re tempted to give up, your vision board serves as a source of motivation to keep going. If you’ve filled your vision board with inspiring things, you’re less likely to quit in the middle of your journey. (And P.S. the journey is the same distance if you quit in the middle and go back!)

If the front of your fridge is plastered with pictures of a Disney cruise, it’s easier to pass up on pizza delivery and make dinner with the groceries you have on hand. This is the reason why I encourage my clients to have a physical vision board, hung where they will see it every day. Don’t create yours and then put it in your closet, or in a room you hardly use!

You know exactly what to do with the money when it comes rolling in!

It’s amazing when you’re blessed with a cash injection, big or small, expected or unexpected. If you don’t have a plan for it ahead of time, it can actually be a little stressful to figure out what to do with it. You’re running a thousand scenarios in your mind. Then you get distracted by an ad for a designer purse or a new TV that wasn’t even on your radar. Soon after, here comes the guilt that you didn’t use it wisely.

Last week I achieved one of my vision board dreams: buying not one, but two pieces of art from my friend and painter, Marcia McMillen! Her gallery opening postcard hung on my vision board since November 2019. Marcia, an artist in residence, stayed on Fire Island National Seashore (near Long Island) for several weeks. That’s where she painted a dozen or so ocean-inspired beauties.

When I recently received the blessing of extra funds, I took a look at my 2 vision boards, and asked myself… “What would make me really happy in exchange for some of my money?” My eyes immediately fell onto the gallery postcard with the paintings.

3 Big Benefits of Creating a Vision Board

I messaged Marcia and was pleasantly surprised she still had both of my favorites, Moment in September & From the Bottom. Every time I see my new paintings, I smile from the tips of my toes to the top of my head! (Now it’s time to fill that hole on my vision board with something new.)

3 Big Benefits of Creating a Vision Board

That’s the beauty of a vision board. It instantly reminds you exactly what to do with that extra money. When you have a vision board and extra money flows in you can ask yourself these questions: How much money did I receive? Can I use it to achieve one of your vision board items? Or should I put into a savings account for one of my BIG dreams?


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