You are a Badass, Jen Sincero!

Last week, my friends Nanette Polito, Beverly Richards, and I piled into the car for a 3-hour road trip to Toledo to meet the author of You are a Badass, Jen Sincero. All three of us are raving Jen Sincero fans and have read or listened to both of her Badass books 20+ times between us. Yes, we are nerdy fan girls!

When we hit the road, heading out of Cincinnati, we tweeted to Jen that we were excited to come to the Toledo library to hear her talk about her most recent book, You are a Badass at Making Money. I’ve read it at least five times, and I feel like Jen Sincero is my personal coach, cheering me on to financial badassery! (I think I just made up a new word.) Even though I guide people to better financial health, I sometimes struggle with charging what I’m worth in my business. Thanks to the advice in this book, I’ve doubled my coaching rates since the beginning of the year and business is booming! So, imagine our delight and surprise when Jen re-tweeted our tweet with this message, “Alright Toledo, tonight is clearly going to be a party!” Yes, there were squeals of delight and OMG’s when we saw that.

you are a badass at making money, jen sincero, christine luken

You are a badass, Jen Sincero!

When we arrived at the Toledo Library, which is book lover’s wet dream, Nanette, Beverly, and I headed to the VIP reception. Because of course, we were definitely paying extra to meet our idol and get our picture taken! There were probably 35 to 40 people in the VIP room, and all of us erupted into cheers when Jen Sincero walked in. Our library host brought her to the table right next to ours so we were at the head of the meet-and-greet line. “You’re the car ladies from Twitter, aren’t you?” Jen knew who we were, OMG!  Another fan girl moment!

After the three of us got our picture with Jen, we each got a minute or two to talk to her. I told her that her first book, You are a Badass, lit a fire under me to write my book, Money is Emotional. I brought a copy of my book to give to her. Jen thanked me and said, “Maybe you should be up on stage tonight!” I felt a wave of heat wash over me from head to toe and I seriously thought I might pass out. She must have seen my panic, because she followed up with, “Just kidding!”

You are a badass, Jen Sincero!

Speaking of badasses, my friend Beverly Richards told Jen how she applied her money manifesting tips to buy a $19,000 Harley motorcycle with cash! Less than a month ago, Beverly and her husband were discussing the fact that they wanted a newer Harley but didn’t want to go into debt to get it. So Beverly decided to give herself a deadline to come up with the money: 19 days. That’s right, Beverly decided she would find a way to manifest $19,000 in 19 days to buy the motorcycle. Her husband thought she was crazy, but Beverly was determined that it was going to happen. Guess what? Before the 19 days were over, Beverly had landed a new client who signed a contract and paid in full before the project even started. Yes, you guessed it, for $19,000. Beverly, YOU are a badass at making money!!

you are a badass, jen sincero, christine luken

After the VIP event, we all filed into the Toledo library’s lecture hall. VIP status has its privileges and we were in the second row, right by the podium. Jen read us parts of her book, told us stories, and expounded on our ability to all become money badasses so we can be a positive force for change in the world. Towards the end of Jen’s talk, Nanette leaned over, pointing to Jen’s purse on the floor by the podium, and whispered, “Your book is in Jen Sincero’s purse! How awesome is that?” Super awesome!

you are a badass at making money, jen sincero, christine luken

Nanette, Beverly, and I were the last ones in line for the book signing. We expressed our gratitude to Jen one last time. I had to laugh when I saw what she wrote inside my copy: “Christine, Here’s to making butt loads of money – Woot!” All I can say is, “Amen, sister! Bring it on!” You are a badass, Jen Sincero! Thanks for making our Toledo road trip a memorable one!

Have you had the opportunity to meet your author idol? If so, tell me about it in the comments!