What To Do When There’s Not Enough Money to Pay All the Bills (Podcast)

What to do when theres not enough money to pay all the bills podcast

When there’s not enough money to pay all of the bills, we can end up making emotional decisions that make our situation even worse.  I’ve been on both sides of the collections equation – I used to work as a collector for Citibank and I’ve had times in my life when collectors were calling me.  I understand how stressful and confusing it can be when you don’t know how to pull out of the downward spiral.  I’ll discuss how to prioritize your obligations, taking care of your “4 Walls,” and how the Pro Rata plan works.  Even if YOU aren’t in a collections situation, it’s likely you know someone who is and can use this important information.  Listen to the Podcast Here.


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  1. Lucky for us, my hubby & I have about enough in the bank to cover us for a year if anything were to happen.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this useful information. I know there has been a time in my past when I could have really used this information badly. It is always nice to learn something new

  3. I like podcasts, can listen anytime anywhere. I try to make sure I do not have to worry financially but sometimes things happen.

  4. How cool that you offer a unique perspective in that you used to work for a collector! I’m sure your insight will be most welcome for many! I am stressing the importance of financial responsibility to my kids so they don’t learn the hard way like I did once upon a time.

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