Unequal Pay, Equal Say (Video)

Unequal Pay Equal Say

When you are married, both you and your spouse have an equal say in the family finances! It doesn’t matter if you make 100%, 50%, or 0% of the income.

As far the state is concerned, if you are legally married, you have an equal share of the family’s assets.  But if one partner feels entitled to a greater say in how money is spent, it causes power struggles and fighting between spouses.  This is a sure way to end up in divorce court!

It’s been my observation that couples who make spending, saving, and credit decisions as equal partners have stronger marriages and have a higher likelihood of achieving and maintaining financial health.

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  1. It can really be a source of contention if you don’t have a united front. That’s something to figure out before marriage so you’re going in on the same page.

  2. Good points! We have tried one person handling the finances and typically that person feels like it is too much alone. When we work together on things both of us are aware of money and bills. Also not on person is feeling like all of the pressure is on them. Regardless of who earns more it is always our money.

  3. I have not worked outside of the home in over 20 years. My “job” was to stay at home and care for the family and the house. I did it well. I am glad to say all decisions on finances have been a team effort.

  4. My partner makes way more than I do but we do discuss purchases and talk finances as equal. It helps to make decision together instead of having one person in charge. Everything comes together.

  5. My wife and I definitely have a budget and we save, share in the finances, and we make equal financial decisions. Money has not been an issue and we definitely talk about everything. You are right that good financial health makes for happy couples, especially with open caring dialogue.

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