sustainable financial success, chris salem

Sustainable Financial Success (Podcast)

Sustainable financial success is only possible when you master your money mindset!


sustainable financial success, chris salem

In this guest appearance on Chris Salem’s radio show Sustainable Success, we discussed the importance of Mindful Money Management for Sustainable Success in your life and your business.

Listen to the replay HERE.

Episode Description:

We already know what it takes to become financially healthy: spend less than we make, pay down our debt, and save more money. Money management books, tools, and techniques abound, yet most of us don’t utilize them. Why? Because money is emotional. If we ignore the emotional, mental, and relational aspects of money, our personal finances won’t change for the better.

Christine will pull back the curtain on why money is so emotional. And more importantly, what to do about it. She’ll discuss the three main causes of emotional money behaviors and give actionable tips for positive change: 1. Thoughts, Words & Emotions 2. Relationships 3. Past Money Narratives

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