Personal Budgeting for the Small Business Owner (Podcast)

Personal Budgeting for the Small Business Owner Podcast

Personal budgeting can be difficult for small business owners (and commissioned sales people) especially if their income varies from month to month.  Those of us who are self employed can also encounter difficulties when they mix their personal and business expenses.  In this 15 minute episode, I’ll share how to do monthly budgeting with a variable income plus additional strategies to ensure both your business and personal finances stay on solid ground.

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  1. I think budgeting is definitely a challenge for a lot of people. It takes a lot of work and practice to get it right.

  2. This is such a great topic and I love that you are dealing with variable income, which can really be a challenge. Thanks for sharing this info I am also going to tweet your podcast so others can take advantage of it!

  3. I’m not very good when it comes to budgeting it seems as soon as I save a dollar I have to turn around and spend that dollar.

  4. I am horrible with budgeting. I am great at setting it up, but not so great at sticking to it. Meanwhile, hubby is trying to expand his business, so we have to have extra set aside… this means more budgeting, so thanks for this 🙂

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