No Shame in Asking (Video)

There is No Shame in Asking Your Money Questions

I have quite a few coaching clients who preface their question to me with phrases like the following:

“I’m embarrassed that I don’t know this but…”
“This is probably a dumb question, but…”
“I know I should probably know the answer to this, but…”

Here’s what I want to say both to you and my clients: There is NO shame in asking! Many of us didn’t learn sound financial management either at home or at school. There are no dumb questions when it comes to money!  Commit yourself to being a lifelong student of sound money management.  Even though I am teaching this stuff, I’m constantly reading and listening to books on money and investing and scouring the internet for useful and interesting articles on personal finance.

Email me your questions to Even if I can’t answer your question, I’ve assembled a team of experts around me who can answer even complicated questions about taxes, insurance, and investments.

Who knows? Your question could become the subject of a future podcast or video! The only shame is in leaving your money question unasked.