Looking fabulous without breaking the bank

Looking Fabulous without Breaking the Bank {Podcast}

Looking fabulous without breaking the bank

Our special guest today is Lynnae Bussell, an image consultant, professional speaker, and the owner of LB Fashion Coach. Lynnae is a pro at guiding women through the process of learning the best colors to wear, how to dress your body type, and how to stylishly accessorize outfits. Her goal is to give each of her clients a polished and professional appearance.  Lynnae founded her business in 2012 after receiving her certification from Fashion Meets Faith. She is married with two beautiful daughters and lives in the Cincinnati area.

Why do women struggle so much with clothing choices?

Women struggle with choosing their clothing choices for several reasons. The most common reason is that they’re buying pieces that don’t fit their shape or height. This can be frustrating so that’s why it’s helpful to have someone coach about understanding your body type and how clothing should fit you according to your type.

They also struggle because they choosing colors that don’t flatter their skin tone, eye color, or hair color. Color when it’s worn correctly can build confidence and be positive influence in the way people respond to you.

How is a personal stylist an investment rather than an expense?

When a woman invests in herself she is adding value to who she is. It shouldn’t matter if she is a professional working outside the home, a stay home mom, or a small business owner. I believe every woman owes it to herself, and to those she cares about, to look and feel her very best. It doesn’t have to thousands of dollars to help every woman feel and look her best. The services I offer will help any women to gain valuable knowledge that she can use for a life time.

 Why a professional should invest in their clothing?

 Clothes shopping can be expensive especially if you are buying pieces that don’t fit you well or they aren’t easily coordinated so that a woman can create a variety of outfits.

I love the concept of wardrobe capsules. This is taking a group of clothing and putting it together for a season, such as Spring/Summer, by choosing one or two neutral colors and one or two pop colors that easily mix and match. Once you know your color scheme and the type of pieces that you need then it’s easy to add in shoes, purses, and other accessories to complete your look. I teach a concept called 27 Hangers that helps you to eliminate excess clothing so that dressing becomes easy and less stressful. 

lynnae bussell, fashion coach

 Find Lynnae here: www.facebook.com/lbfashioncoach Or  www.lynnaebussell.com


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