How’s Your Money Karma?

How's Your Money Karma

Do you feel like you have a black cloud following you around when it comes to your finances?

How’s your money karma? You’re trying to do the right things with your money, but something always throws you off that you have no control over, like a flat tire or an unexpected medical bill.

I experienced this in my business several months ago. In fact, it was the “money week from hell.” Three of my clients cancelled coaching sessions with me and one sure-fire prospect changed her mind about working with me altogether. Several thousand dollars of business income I counted on to pay the bills (and me!) suddenly evaporated.

I panicked and immediately consulted my biz coach, Jenn Scalia. I expected her to advise me on automatic payments, contracts, and cancellation fees (all great business practices I now have in place,) but she didn’t.

“You’re out of alignment in your finances somewhere,” Jenn said.

“Where are you disrespecting other people’s money? Are you paying your bills on time? Do you owe someone money? Have you cancelled appointments with other business owners, taking income out of their pockets?”

At first, I said, “No,” because I couldn’t think of anything and, as a money coach, I strive to be a person of high financial integrity. But later, it dawned on me.

I owed money to another business from work completed several months prior, but the company never invoiced me. Whenever it crossed my mind, it seemed like it wasn’t a convenient time to contact the company and take care of it.

You better believe when MY coach tells me to something, I do it. I contacted the company, paid the bill, and wiped the slate clean with my money karma!

Within a week, my coaching clients were rescheduled, with one even volunteering to pay a cancellation fee. And the potential client, I thought was a loss? After a short phone conversation, she reconsidered, signed up, and paid me for the entire 6-month coaching package in full.

So, if you’re experiencing bad money karma right now, ask yourself the following:

  • Are you are lacking financial integrity in some area of your life or business?
  • Are you “helping yourself” to office supplies at work or stuffing your pockets with hot sauce at Taco Bell?
  • Have you borrowed money from someone and never paid it back?
  • Do you frequently cancel and reschedule appointments with service providers, like your dentist or hair stylist?
  • Do you have old outstanding debts?
  • Are you paying your bills late?
  • Business owners, are you paying your vendors on time and honoring your contracts?
  • Entrepreneurs, are you willing to invest in yourself at the level you are asking others to pay you?

Financial karma is a real thing! You reap what you sow in your relationship with money. And here’s the thing: your relationship with money also includes how you respect and interact with other people’s money.

So, it’s time to formulate plan and make it right. You can’t attract financial prosperity into your life if you are out of integrity with your money in another area.

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