Hire Me to Be Your Financial Lifeguard`

Top 10 Reasons You Wouldn’t Hire Me to Be Your Financial Lifeguard

hire me to be your financial lifeguard

Even if you are struggling with your money right now, I understand that I may not be the right money coach for you.

So, here are the top 10 reasons that you wouldn’t hire me to be your Financial Lifeguard:

#10 – You enjoy sleepless nights, tossing and turning, worrying about money.

#9 – You love paying out a large percentage of your income every month to credit card companies.

#8 – You like watching tumbleweeds blow through your savings account.

#7 – You think that financial dignity and mastering your money are highly overrated.

#6 – You want a money coach who can’t sympathize with your situation and will put you on the same cookie cutter plan as all his other clients.

#5 – You enjoy arguing with your significant other about money.

#4 – You love that sense of shame and anxiety that washes over you when you check your bank account balances.

#3 – You want to work hard until you’re 99 years old because a comfortable retirement in a tropical location doesn’t appeal to you at all.

#2 – You enjoy wasting your hard-earned money on things that really aren’t important to you or your family.

#1 – You’d rather hire a financial coach who cuts up your credit cards, puts you on a restrictive budget, and berates you for your foolish money mistakes.

If you said, “Yes! That’s me!” to any of the 10 reasons above, we’re probably NOT a good fit to work together.

My ideal coaching clients are eager to change and want to say goodbye to money shame and chaos.

As their Financial Lifeguard, I compassionately, yet firmly, guide my clients to a place of lasting financial dignity that aligns with their personal goals.

Intrigued? Maybe it’s time to rescue your financial dignity.

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