Goodbye Money Shame (Video)

money shame

Money shame and embarrassment are the biggest obstacles to financial health.  I know because I’ve experienced them myself.

Check out MaryBeth’s review for my book, Money is Emotional: Prevent Your Heart from Hijacking Your Wallet.  She says it helped her to say goodbye to money shame once and for all.

“I’ve known Christine for some years now and have considered her both a friend and, when it comes to financial matters, a mentor. She has always had my deepest respect and gratitude for showing me that there is another side to the darkness that is debt. With the release of this new book, “Money Is Emotional”, my respect and affection for her has only deepened.

To say that this book offers solutions for those of us who have suffered the trials of financial bondage is a gross understatement. Most of us in this position have read book after book, article after article, and listened to one motivational speaker after another to no avail. In most cases we’ve left overwhelmed, exhausted and more deeply ashamed at our inability to conquer that which others seem to do with ease.

What Christine has done here I have never experienced in any other form of media that addresses debt and how to get out of it. She has found a way to dig to the very heart of where we live and to shed light on a very dark place.  She exposes the money monster that we have created in our emotional response to stress, hardship and pain to the bright light of truth and removes the fear that has kept us chained to debt. 

Following her lead we begin to see a light where there was none before,  a way out of what seemed like a permanent trap. Whether you have debt in the hundreds, the thousands, the tens or hundreds of thousands, you need to spend time in this book. In it you will find hope, courage and PRACTICAL solutions to get moving, get free and get on with living instead of existing. Let’s do this; let’s break out of the shame and pain and start living the lives we were meant to live.”

If your financial dragon is shame, I want to point you to some weapons that will help you slay it!

  1. My Money is Emotional book and free workbook

  2. My 7-week transformational program Financial Dignity on Demand.

  3. One-to-one personal coaching