Getting a College Education without Student Loans (Podcast)

 Getting a College Education Without Student Loans

The average college student graduates with over $33,000 in student loan debt. Many Americans accept this as being inevitable if they want a college degree. In today’s episode, we’ll discuss ways to get an education with as little debt as possible!  Topics include: ESA & 529 Plans, In-State vs. Out-of-State Colleges, Community and Technical Colleges, Scholarship Opportunities, and Jobs that help pay for college expenses.  Click here to Listen to the Getting a College Education without Student Loans Podcast.


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  1. My step son is off to college in September and he is so worried about student loans already. Lucky he’s just going to a state school.

    1. If he is on his own and has a job for a certain length time, he can apply for grants. Anyone too, can apply for scholarships. They’re a little lengthy but so worth the effort!

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