You give your clients excellent financial adviceso why do some of them ignore it or even defy it?

You have a feeling that your clients need something deeper, more than just sound budget advice or a wise investment strategy.

You’d like to help your clients with the emotional and relational sides of money, but that wasn’t part of your training. 

What if you had access to emotional money tools you felt confident using?
Tools that get to the heart of your clients’ issues?
Tools to help them achieve lasting financial success? 




If you're a heart-centered financial professional or money coach, searching for tools that get to the root of your clients' money issues, the Foundations of Financial Dignity™ Training is for you.

Not only will you have access to proven techniques to assist your clients with their emotional money issues, you’ll receive training on exactly when and how to use them.

Over 8 weeks, you'll learn more than 40 emotional money money tools covering the 7 Pillars of Personal Finance, PLUS you'll receive weekly LIVE training to master the techniques and get all your questions answered!

I’ve field tested each and every one of the emotional money techniques you are going to learn. I know they work and exactly which tools to use in each situation.

And once you’ve completed the Foundations of Financial Dignity™ Training, you will, too.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The training modules within this program have been accepted by the CFP Board for nine (9) Continuing Education (CE) Units.



Understanding Your Client's Emotional Money Behaviors

Learn how to assist your clients in uncovering and correcting the roots of their financial issues.

Overcoming Your Clients’ Resistance to Budgeting

Learn a better alternative to the budget that allows your clients to both enjoy life and meet their financial goals.

Helping Clients Overcome Emotional Spending

Learn how to guide clients away from emotional and mindless spending, and towards mindful and intentional spending.

The Emotional Weight of Debt 

Teach your clients how to minimize debt and use it safely in moderation as a tool, so it doesn't prevent them from achieving their long-term goals.

Emotionally Charged Savings

Learn the special techniques that actually get your clients excited to save and invest for the future!

Communicating About Money in Relationships

Discover tools to help your clients to communicate more peacefully and openly about money with their loved ones.

Maintaining Financial Success

Once your clients get to a place of success with their money, it's important they learn the skills to maintain it, even as their financial situation changes.

Emotional Money Mistakes During Divorce & Widowhood

In this bonus lesson, learn to navigate the emotional situations of divorce and widowhood with your clients, ensuring they make wise money decisions along the way.

“Every week of this training is packed with incredible insights and practical tools to help my clients thrive with their money!”

Janet Key Financial Advisor

 Janet Key, Advisor at Plan It Financial Corp.

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    8 Weekly Sessions of Live Training with Christine Luken, Founder of the Financial Dignity Movement (75 Minutes + Q&A)

    Prosperity Plan Worksheets + video tutorials on how to use them with clients

    Video lesson library on the 7 Pillars of Personal Finance (40+ client-facing videos!)

    Attend all live sessions and earn a total of 9 Continuing Education units approved by the CFP Board

    8 Financial Dignity Guides on how to use all of the emotional money tools with your clients 

    Bonus client worksheets, resources, downloads, and ebooks!


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