Looking fabulous without breaking the bank

Looking Fabulous without Breaking the Bank {Podcast}

Our special guest today is Lynnae Bussell, an image consultant, professional speaker, and the owner of LB Fashion Coach. Lynnae is a pro at guiding women through the process of learning the best colors to wear, how to dress your body type, and how to stylishly accessorize outfits. Her goal is to give each of her clients a polished and …

real estate investing pitfalls revealed, mark dolfini, the landlord coach

Real Estate Investing Pitfalls Revealed {PODCAST}

  Mark Dolfini, the Landlord Coach and author of the Time Wealthy Investor, advises those who want to own and invest in residential rental property. The right way! Mark learned early on, the hard way, how NOT to run a rental property business. In today’s episode, Mark shares his story and reveals the pitfalls beginning and seasoned real estate investors …

sustainable financial success, chris salem

Sustainable Financial Success (Podcast)

Sustainable financial success is only possible when you master your money mindset!   In this guest appearance on Chris Salem’s radio show Sustainable Success, we discussed the importance of Mindful Money Management for Sustainable Success in your life and your business. Listen to the replay HERE. Episode Description: We already know what it takes to become financially healthy: spend less than we …

Financial Rock Bottom, Christine Luken, Financial Lifeguard

Bouncing Back From Financial Rock Bottom

  Bouncing back from financial rock bottom isn’t easy and I know it from personal experience! In this podcast episode of Your Money, Your Wealth with Joe Anderson, CFP and Big Al Clopine, CPA, I tell others how they can rescue themselves from financial rock bottom! (My portion of the show starts at the 11 minute mark.)   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN! …

couples and money, opposites attract, christine luken, financial lifeguard

Couples and Money: When Opposites Attract

Couples and Money: When Opposites Attract In love and money, we have a tendency to be attracted to someone who is our polar opposite. While this can be exciting, it also has the potential to be stressful. When your significant other wants to handle the joint finances differently, that’s when the money fights start! Is there a way to compromise …

Financial Lifeguard Story (BusinessWise Podcast)

  Wondering why I call myself the Financial Lifeguard?  It’s because I was once drowning financially myself.  I owed three different payday lenders money and was behind on most of my bills, despite having an accounting degree! Listen to this 3-minute segment from interview with Crystal Faulkner of the BusinessWise Radio show below.