the problem with budgets

The Problem with Budgets

“Who’s excited to do a budget?” (hearing the sound of crickets…) That’s exactly the problem with budgets! Maybe two people out of a hundred are actually excited about budgeting and what it helps you accomplish. In this episode of the Money is Emotional podcast, I explore why most of us don’t like traditional budgets, how to shift our mindset around …

Mint Budget App is Going Away

Did you hear that the Mint Budget App is going away? I tested a bunch of personal finance app alternatives, and here’s the winner I picked!

I am banning the budget in favor of a prosperity plan

I’m Banning the Budget

I’m banning the budget! Yes, you heard me right, I am banning the B-word from my vocabulary. Words are powerful. Words are loaded with meaning. And the word “budget” is loaded with negative connotations. When I ask my clients what comes to mind when I say “budget,” here’s what they say: “Discipline.” “Restriction.” “Deprivation.” “No fun.” It’s a wonder that …

are you high income but a hot mess with your money

Are You High Income, Hot Mess?

“If I made more income, I wouldn’t have all these money problems.” Maybe you’ve said or thought this at some point in your life. Maybe you’re saying it right now! 23 years ago, when I was living on the edge of broke, I said it all the time. Unfortunately, I proved myself wrong every time I received a raise. Having …

I disagree with Dave Ramsey

I Disagree with Dave Ramsey

I disagree with Dave Ramsey! There are particular pieces of Dave’s advice that can be damaging to your long-term financial well-being and enjoyment of life.

Push Beyond Your Money Comfort Zone to build wealth

Push Beyond Your Money Comfort Zone

Whether we know it or not, we all have a comfort zone when it comes to personal finances. We’re used to a certain amount of income and a certain balance in our savings account or 401k. If you have a sudden positive change in your money, it can be a shock because it pushes you outside of your money comfort …

Lessons from the Luxury Car Dealership

  I learned three valuable lessons from the luxury car dealership recently about money, sales, and business. And no, one of them isn’t, “Don’t buy a luxury car!” Because I bought one, and I’m completely thrilled with my Alfa Romeo Giulia. I dish on the details of buying my new cars – even though financial gurus tell you not to …

How to Spot a Financial Manipulator

  I know how to spot a financial manipulator from a mile away. Being engaged to one, back in my twenties, gave me a front row seat to the telltale signs. Unfortunately, I didn’t know at the time that I had fallen victim to a financial manipulator until it was too late. By the time I broke off my engagement …

money wellness checklist

Money Wellness Checklist

    Ever wish you had a handy Money Wellness Checklist? One containing the specific steps you must take to become – and STAY – financially strong and healthy? Your wish is my command! Managing your personal finances might feel confusing and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. There are particular actions you should be taking weekly, monthly, and …