Are You Helping or Enabling? (Podcast)

Are You Helping or Enabling

When someone we love is going through a hard time financially, it’s natural for us to want to jump in and help them.  But what happens when your help ISN’T helping, but instead enables the person to continue to be financially irresponsible?  It can be hard to know when to bail someone out of their messes and when to show them some much-needed “tough love.”  This is especially tricky when that person is your adult child.  I’ll talk about the signs to look for that indicate you’ve crossed over into enabling and how to set healthy boundaries. 


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  1. I have a son that just expects and almost acts like it is due him for us to help him at every turn. He doesn’t take responsibility for himself at all and he is 28. I think we bailed him out too much and this is what we created in a way.

    1. Post

      That’s definitely a tough situation Sandra. I would strongly encourage you get some outside counseling if you think you need it so you can help your son with some “tough love.” Good luck!

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