Teachable Money Moments for Kids (Podcast)

Teachable Money Moments for Kids

In this episode, I’ll discuss how you can use everyday situations to teach your children about responsible money management in age appropriate ways.  You can educate your kids about budgeting, prices, and sales tax at the grocery store.  You can explain mortgages, interest rates, student loans and credit cards to your teenagers. Paying your children commissions for doing their chores will help them make the connection between work and money at an early age. Teaching your kids about money can be a fun, hands-on experience for both of you!


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  1. I always did chores for allowance as a teenager and I’m so glad I had the chance! I try to teach my kids about money. We go to the farmers market and I let my six-year-old hold money and figure out the cost of everything we need, including treats. But she still doesn’t understand how I earn it so I have to teach!

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