Summer Coaching Special!

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Summer is my favorite time of year: swimming, golfing, picnics, and fireworks!  Summer is also the perfect time to begin your journey to your Preferred Financial Destination, because I’m running a special deal for new coaching clients!

Money is emotional, yet many people attempt to manage their personal finances logically and become frustrated when they fail. My Mindful Money Management approach to personal finances helps my coaching clients to understand the emotions behind their behavior. Clients are empowered with the motivation and tools to plug into and harness their positive emotions and short circuit the negative ones. Through a series of coaching sessions, I assist my clients in designing a Financial Road Map that will guide them to their Preferred Financial Destination and give them specific strategies to address their particular money hang-ups. I work with individuals, couples, small business owners, and others with variable monthly income in the areas of budgeting, debt reduction, and financial goal setting. My objective is help my clients become and stay financially healthy!

New clients will receive $25 off their first appointment this summer, either in-person in the Greater Cincinnati area or via Skype.  I have a limited number of appointments available for June, July and August, so reserve your spot today! Let this be the summer you decide to get financially healthy once and for all!

90-minute In-person Financial Coaching Appointment $150, now $125:

60-minute Skype Coaching Session $100, now $75:

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