My Month Long “Shopping Diet” – Part Two

Shopping Diet Part Two

Earlier this month, I posted Part One of My Month Long “Shopping Diet” which is now officially over.  At the time, I had spent $35 of my budgeted $80 on non-necessities.  So I’m sure you’re wondering how well I did sticking to my “diet”. I received some extra money that I was able to add to my total amount, so instead of just $45 left to spend, I had $120 remaining to spend for June, woo hoo!!

Here’s what I purchased since posting Part One: a blue and white maxi dress from Old Navy for $30, a pair of black skinny pants with a white stripe on the side and a black t-shirt on the clearance rack at Old Navy ($15 for both), a pillow for my home office chair that’s reminiscent of the Queen of Hearts for $15 at Strut Resale Boutique, and $55 for a painting class.  I hadn’t taken a painting class since December and I was really missing the smell of the oil paints and feel of paint brush between my fingers!  When I found out last week’s class was going to be this colorful seascape, I couldn’t resist!

What I Bought for June Shopping Diet

I had to pass on some tempting items in June!  There was a gorgeous camel-colored leather Isaac Mizrahi purse on sale at for $110 ($280 retail).  I kept telling myself what an investment it would be for a professional-looking fall bag!  But I restrained myself – barely – and figured if it was meant to be, I could get it later.  Groupon had a great special on the Rosetta Stone Spanish course, normally over $400 for modules 1-4 on sale for $160.  I definitely want to learn Spanish soon and it was hard to resist that deal!  However, I’m glad I did.  A business colleague who speaks some Spanish recommended the Pimsleur course as a better alternative instead.  Those were the two big purchases that I passed on, although there were many other little ones too numerous to mention.  So, I saved at least $270!

Oh So Tempting June Shopping Diet

Here are some things that I learned from June’s Shopping Diet:

  • Carrying cash for splurges is a good budgeting tool.  It makes you think twice about spending and if there’s not enough cash, you don’t buy it.

  • Online shopping is a big temptation for me!  I definitely need to set a monthly limit for those purchases.  I am inundated with daily emails from my favorite stores announcing the FINAL DAY of the BIG SALE (Buy now, now, now!!)  I have unsubscribed from some email lists and limited others to once a week or once a month emails.  The less temptation, the better!

  • Once a few days pass by, many of the things I thought I WANTED, I ended up changing my mind about buying them.

  • Now that June is over and I look back over my list of things that I passed on, there’s only a few that I’m going to buy: some new music on iTunes and the 3-Tiered Necklace from JewelMint… as soon as they send me a 20% coupon code!  🙂


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