Is Financial Coaching Right For Me

Is Financial Coaching Right For Me?

Is Financial Coaching Right For Me?

  Is Financial Coaching Right for Me? 

Here’s what my clients are saying:

“Christine gave me hope, courage, and PRACTICAL money solutions to get moving in the right direction.” – M.P.

“When I tell you that Christine saved me from horrible anxiety attacks every month, it is the truth. She showed me how to be control of my money and realize I have plenty but I couldn’t see it clearly because of fear. I no longer wonder where my money disappears. I know exactly where it is. I have a great plan and it’s easy to stick to.” – B.K.

“You didn’t get yourself into debt overnight and you won’t get out of it overnight, but Christine lays out a step-by-step plan that WORKS.”  – D.S.

 Ready to trade your money shame and anxiety for dignity and confidence?

Are you tired of the following:

  • one-size-fits-all financial advice

  • extreme money approaches that don’t allow you to enjoy life

  • being judged for your money messes

  • feeling like you’re going into the principal’s office when you meet with your banker or financial advisor?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then financial coaching may be a good solution for you. I understand the fear, shame, and anxiety my clients feel when they’re struggling with finances, because I’ve been through it myself.

It’s a privilege for me to walk with my clients through their emotional money messes, sometimes offering hugs or tissues, but never judgment.


If you’re ready to reclaim your financial dignity, click HERE to schedule your free 15-minute Discovery Call to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

I will provide you with a personalized Prosperity Plan to help you achieve your unique financial goals. At the end of each session, you’ll have a set of action items to help you start improving your personal bottom line immediately.

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