Are you so focused on making money, you completely forgot to look at how to manage your financial situation?

Do you feel like you are making a good income, but you don’t understand how it all disappears so fast?

You have had to invest so much in your business, you have accumulated debt, and it only seems to be increasing?

Do you feel embarrassed to share your real numbers, because you have so many bills and credit cards to pay?

You don’t want to be judged for your money status, so you would rather keep it hidden under the carpet and act like it’s not there?

You think “I’m a smart entrepreneur, I should be able to handle my financial situation”…but months (or even years) can go by, and you still haven’t created a plan to grow your prosperity?

“I felt safe working with Christine in a situation that typically sends me into the fetal position. After working with her, I felt empowered and ready to move forward with ‘financial dignity’.” - Dr. Kelly Bieschel

The truth is that
when we mess up with our money,


We should know better, right?

Personal and small business finance
isn’t just about the math.
Our words, thoughts, emotions, and past history
affect our success with money.

“Christine gave me hope, courage, and PRACTICAL money solutions to get moving in the right direction.” – M.P.


coaching program

If you’re a high earning professional or established entrepreneur who’s serious about recovering your financial dignity and leaving money shame and chaos behind for good, this program may be for you.


It’s a deep dive into both your financial numbers and your money mindset. This is NOT for those people who kinda, sort of, maybe want to do better with their finances. It will sometimes be a hard and messy process of facing those “money monsters” you’ve had locked in the closet for years.

The good news is that you won’t be going it alone. As your Financial Lifeguard, I’ll jump right in there with you and I’m never going to judge your money messes. Why? Because I’ve been there myself and I know how crippling the shame and anxiety can feel. Together, we’ll slay those money monsters and forge a new path to lasting financial wellbeing.

During this six-month intensive financial coaching program, I’ll help you rescue your financial dignity by co-creating a personalized Prosperity Plan to reduce debt, increase savings, optimize cash flow, and wake up every morning feeling great about your money.

Every month will have a particular focus, and will be tailored to your individual needs:

Month One
Mindful Money Management

Month Two
Formulating Your Prosperity Plan

Month Three
Debt Reduction

Month Four
Saving for the Future

Month Five
Money & Relationships

Month Six
Lasting Financial Dignity

“When I tell you that Christine saved me from horrible anxiety attacks every month, it is the truth. She showed me how to be control of my money and realize I have plenty but I couldn’t see it clearly because of fear. I no longer wonder where my money disappears. I know exactly where it is. I have a great plan and it’s easy to stick to.” – Betsy K.

Each month, one coaching session will focus on your personal finances and the other on your business.

Coaching sessions will include analyzing financial information and formulating money management strategies for your particular situation.

We will also focus on money mindset, overcoming limiting behaviors and beliefs around money, and the emotional and relational aspects of both business and personal finance.

Some of the areas we’ll cover:

  • Formulating your personalized Prosperity Plan
  • Creating a healthy money mindset
  • Identifying business income streams and 
  • The Dream Session and Financial Vision Board creation
  • Identifying your emotional money hot buttons and strategies to overcome them
  • Set up on the right financial tracking tool for you to make money management easy
  • Debt payoff acceleration strategies
  • Emotionally charged savings tricks
  • Tools for better communication regarding money with the important people in your life


  • Two 75-Minute Sessions of 1:1 Coaching with the Financial Lifeguard per Month
  • Phone Check-ins Between Coaching Sessions
  • Client Only Facebook Group for On-going Support & Accountability
  • Free inclusion in the Manage Money Like a Boss Collective
  • Direct phone & email access to me during the six months for “Financial Emergencies”
  • Coaching On Business & Personal Finances
  • FREE inclusion in webinars, live classes, and select online programs during the six-month coaching process


6 payments of $997

1 payment of $4,997

Ready to stop drowning?


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