wife to stop spending money, Christine Luken, Financial Lifeguard

How Do I Get My Wife to Stop Spending Money?

You open your monthly credit card statement and almost faint when you see the total. Oh. My. God. How do I get my wife to stop spending money? There must be some mistake, right? As your shock subsides, anger rushes into take its place. “Honey! Get in here!” you bellow. The dreaded monthly credit card fight is about to begin. …

Raising Money Smart Kids, Christine Luken, Financial Lifeguard

Raising Money Smart Kids (BusinessWise Podcast)

Are you raising money smart kids?  In this 3-minute segment from my interview with Crystal Faulkner of the BusinessWise Radio show , I discuss the most important thing you can do to raise kids who grow up into financially savvy adults. You don’t have to use a formal money curriculum to introduce your children to money management. Often the most profound lessons we can …

Financial Lifeguard Story (BusinessWise Podcast)

  Wondering why I call myself the Financial Lifeguard?  It’s because I was once drowning financially myself.  I owed three different payday lenders money and was behind on most of my bills, despite having an accounting degree! Listen to this 3-minute segment from interview with Crystal Faulkner of the BusinessWise Radio show below.

Respect Your Money (Video)

If you want to have MORE money, you need to respect the money you already have!  Are you respecting your money? Here are some signs that you’re disrespecting your money: Your cash is wadded up and disorganized. You have loose change accumulating in your car and in various places around your house.  You rarely, if ever, cash it in. You …