50 Ways to Make More Money

50 Ways to Make More Money

“There’s a great place to go when you are broke – to work!” ~ Dave Ramsey

            If your family is struggling to make ends meet and you’ve already trimmed your unnecessary expenses, the problem may be a lack of income.  Don’t get me wrong – for most people, the problem is out-of-control spending, not how much money they make.  If you never get control over your monthly expenses, it won’t matter how much money you earn because you will spend it all!  That being said, once a good monthly budget is in place for your family, extra income can be applied towards your savings and debt reduction goals.

            There are plenty of ways to make extra income, and I’m going to give you 50 of them!  Certainly there’s at least one or two you can do to put some muscle behind your financial goals.


Make More Money at Your Current Job.  You may have some opportunities to make more cash with your employer.  Here are some ideas:

  1. Work some overtime before or after your shift.

  2. Work some overtime on the weekends.

  3. Ask for a raise, but be prepared to demonstrate to your boss how you have contributed to making the organization more successful.

  4. Apply for other jobs within the company that have more pay and responsibility.

  5. Ask your boss if there are any additional duties you could assume in your current position that would warrant a raise.

Deliver pizza

Get an Additional Part-Time Job.  You can make some serious cash working a few evenings or on weekends to help make a dent in your household bills. Here are some part-time jobs that almost anyone can do:

  1. Park cars

  2. Wait tables

  3. Deliver pizzas or Sunday papers

  4. Cashier at a local retail store

  5.  Bar tending

Lawn maintenance

Monetize a Hobby or Skill.  Most of us have skills and hobbies that other people would be willing to pay us to do for them. I could probably list fifty of them here in this section alone:

  1.  Babysitting

  2.  Pet Sitting

  3.  Dog Walking

  4.  Lawn Maintenance / Landscaping

  5.  Party Planning

  6.  Photography / Videography

  7.  Cooking / Baking

  8.  Cleaning

  9.  Organizing

  10.  Minor Home Repairs

  11.  Auto Maintenance

  12.  Painting

  13.  Shopping

  14.  Running Errands

  15.  Tutoring

  16.  Sewing

  17.  Interior Decorating

  18.  Carpentry / Woodworking

  19.  Music Lessons

  20.  Teaching a Language

Sell something

Buying & Selling Stuff.  If you’re a collector of anything – from antiques to Star Wars figurines, you probably have a good idea of what fellow collectors are looking for and what they’re willing to spend. Consider buying when you find a great deal – even if you don’t want the items for yourself – and resell them.  Here are a few ideas from people who do just that:

  1.  Buy designer label clothes in good condition from thrift stores and sell them on eBay (size doesn’t matter, because you’re not keeping the clothes for yourself!)

  2.  Scour yard sales and garage sales for gently used sporting equipment, like golf clubs and bowling balls.  Clean it all up and consign the items at a used sporting goods store.

  3.  Hit up estate sales and auctions and bid on antiques or other items you have expertise with and resell them at the local antique mall.

  4.  Find ugly furniture to refinish, reupholster, or paint.  Then resell is as “Shabby Chic”.

  5.  Buy gently used toys and baby items, clean them up, and resell them on Craigslist.


Freelancing.  If you are a Word Nerd like me, or a social media maven, you can make some extra money helping small businesses who need writing or technical assistance. Some possibilities:

  1.  Copy writing / Editing.

  2.  Social Media Management.

  3.  Writing Articles and Blogging.

  4.  Web Design.

  5.  Virtual Assistant.


Ava Anderson Non Toxic Christine Luken

Join a Direct Sales Organization.  Plenty of people make serious cash selling a product they already use and believe in through a direct sales organization.  Essentially, you make money because there’s no store front, overhead or chain of distribution companies, like regular retail establishments.  Be sure to do your homework first and find out what it costs to start, what the monthly or quarterly sales quotas are, and an estimate of marketing and other business expenses.  In general, I advise people to take a third of their profits and re-invest in their business, one third to put towards their family’s financial goals, and save the rest.  I’ve researched a TON of direct sales companies, and here are a handful with great products and a good business plan:

  1.  Ava Anderson Non Toxic.  I just joined this awesome organization that sells non-toxic body care products and cleaning products, so of course I have to list this one first!  I love that it’s only $100 to get started as a consultant.

  2.  Thirty-One Bags.  I’m personally a fan of their great products and use my various Thirty-One bags on a daily basis.

  3.  Tupperware. Everyone can use these products to serve and store food.  Their products are super-durable (I’ve had my Tupperware kitchen shears for over 10 years and they haven’t needed sharpening!) and Tupperware has a great guarantee.

  4.  Scentsy.  Ladies go crazy for candles and scented items, they practically sell themselves.

  5.  Origami Owl. Make your own personalized jewelry!

  6.  Miche. Purses that change covers in a blink of an eye, and are reasonably priced.

  7.  Team Beach Body.  Help others get in shape and achieve their fitness goals with great workouts like P90X and Insanity.

  8.  Tastefully Simple.  Who doesn’t love going to a Tastefully Simple party?  Everything is delicious and now they have a gluten-free line of items.

  9.  Mary Kay. Great makeup with global brand recognition.

  10.  And MANY more!  Click here for the list of Top 100 Direct Sales Companies.

Are you using any of these methods to make extra money for your family’s financial goals?

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  1. You have a great list here! I have done pretty well making extra money in my spare time with Stampin’ Up. Direct sales are a great source of additional income if you are passionate about the product.

  2. There are so meany great ideas here! I tried the Ebay thing awhile go and was surprised how many things people are looking to buy. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

  3. I love when somebody takes the time and energy to put all of these opportunities in one place for those of us who are always searching to increase our income with the talents we have. Thank You.

  4. Great list. Sometimes you just need to think outside the box and get a little creative, but there are definitely some great ways to make extra money. My favorite used to be selling eBay.

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